Stuck Joints

During the summer months joints getting stuck together can be a problem, especially the long joint and bell. This is due to the swelling of the wood caused by higher humidity than normal. Keeping the bore of the bassoon well oiled will help the problem a bit as will keeping a few packs of Desiccant Dry Packs in the case of the bassoon. It is also a good idea to avoid pushing the joints all the way together if the wood has swollen. If you find yourself with stuck joints, follow these steps to get the joints apart.

First, DO NOT try to twist the joints apart. This can cause the tenons to snap. If the long joint is stuck in the boot, hold the boot firmly between your legs and rock the long joint back and forth GENTLY while pulling straight out.

Once the joint has separated from the boot slightly, you can twist it the rest of the way out.


Removing a stuck bell is basically the same process as above.